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4Life Research - 50 Things

12:57 PM
50 Things You Can Say About 4Life and 4Life Transfer Factor

4lifegroup.blogspot.com - 4Life Research - 50 Things


1) 4Life® focuses on Together, Building People® through science, success, and service.

2) 4Life® is the category creator of Transferceutical™ Science—the research and development of products that educate your immune cells, supporting your immune system’s ability to recognize, respond to, and remember potential threats.

3) 4Life® is a member of the Direct Selling Association.

4) 4Life® adheres to Good Manufacturing Practice guidelines in the manufacture of its products.

5) 4Life® offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on its products.

6) 4Life Transfer Factor® products are protected by multiple United States patents, as well as many pending patents worldwide.

7) 4Life® is The Immune System Company™.

8) Every day, the 4Life® Research and Development department, comprised of in-house scientists and a board of certified health professionals, looks for innovative ways to support the health of the entire body through the immune system.

9) As the service branch of the company, Foundation 4Life® builds people, families, and communities wherever 4Life® conducts business, with a particular focus on the children of the world.

10) 4Life® is committed to providing the highest quality products to our distributors and customers around the world.

11) 4Life® has sold millions of bottles of 4Life Transfer Factor® in its history.

12) 4Life® products promote fantastic overall health throughout the body.


13) Transfer factors are messenger molecules that educate your immune cells, supporting your immune system’s ability to recognize, respond to, and remember potential threats.

14) Unlike vitamins, minerals, or herbs that nourish the body, transfer factors provide immune memory, knowledge, and wisdom from one source to another.

15) Transfer factors are backed by more than 60 years of independent research, thousands of scientific studies, and many years of safe use in supplement form.

16) In 1998, 4Life® Founder and CEO David Lisonbee harnessed decades of research to introduce 4Life Transfer Factor® to the direct selling market.

17) Through processes proprietary to 4Life®, transfer factors are extracted from cow colostrum and chicken egg yolks and then dried and encapsulated for use in dietary supplements.

18) When you take 4Life Transfer Factor®, you are able to borrow immune memory from cows and chickens, animals that have heroic immune systems.

19) One of the strongest forces in nature for supporting good health, transfer factors have taken their place in the forefront of nutritional science.

20) 4Life® scientists discovered the existence of transfer factors within chicken egg yolks, were awarded a patent for their procurement, and continue to pioneer research on transfer factors.

21) 4Life® was the first company to combine transfer factors from two sources—cow colostrum and chicken egg yolks—to provide both broad and powerful immune system support.


22) Because the best offense begins with a strong defense, 4Life Transfer Factor® is a great way to maintain your healthy body.

23) 4Life Transfer Factor® provides unprecedented support for your immune system, the system responsible for keeping you healthy every day.

24) When your immune system is performing at its peak, your whole body benefits, including your energy levels.

25) Everybody wants a life of health, energy, and vitality— and 4Life Transfer Factor® immune system support is a great way to achieve it.

26) 4Life Transfer Factor® educates your immune cells, supporting your immune system’s ability to recognize, respond to, and remember potential threats.

27) 4Life Transfer Factor® provides a proactive strategy for good health.

28) 4Life Transfer Factor® is made by the immune system for the immune system.

29) The way 4Life Transfer Factor® supports the body is completely unique—it provides the information that the immune system needs to stay healthy.

30) 4Life® Transfer Factor Plus® Tri-Factor® Formula boosts Natural Killer cell activity by 437%.*

31) A preliminary scientific test shows that 4Life Transfer Factor® Tri-Factor® Formula can increase the number of protective IgA antibodies by 73%, an important first barrier of protection for the immune system.**

32) Transfer factor is nature’s first supplement.

33) 4Life Transfer Factor® RioVida® Tri-Factor® Formula is the one-and-only juice beverage in the world to deliver the powerful support of 4Life Transfer Factor®.

34) After discovering the power behind nanofraction molecules, 4Life® pioneered NanoFactor® extract, a patent-pending extract of nanofraction molecules from cow colostrum that helps your immune system determine the appropriate response for each situation.

35) 4Life Transfer Factor® Tri-Factor® Formula brings together the intelligence of Transfer Factor E-XF™ and the intuition of NanoFactor® to help support a fine-tuned immune system and an accurate level of immune response.


36) 4Life Transfer Factor® is an important part of my healthy lifestyle.

37) 4Life Transfer Factor® is a healthy way to support my immune system and my general health.

38) 4Life Transfer Factor® has changed my life for the better.

39) 4Life Transfer Factor® provides my body with phenomenal immune system support.

40) 4Life Transfer Factor® supports my ability to live a healthy, vibrant life.

41) I’m amazed at what 4Life Transfer Factor® has done for my health.

42) 4Life Transfer Factor® is a natural way to give my immune system the support it needs.


43) 4Life’s Life Rewards Plan™ compensates both part-time and full-time business building efforts.

44) The Life Rewards Plan™ offers some of the most generous payouts in the industry—up to 64% of Life Points (LP).

45) The Life Rewards Plan™ lets you design your business to fit your schedule and your personal goals.

46) 4Life® offers luxury trips that are designed to reward the performance- minded individual.

47) 4Life® provides singular support for its distributors, assisting them as they build their businesses and achieve their dreams.

48) Financial independence and dream fulfillment are both possible with the help of 4Life®.

49) 4Life® provides a solid opportunity with more than a decade of success, patented processes that ensure exclusivity, and a presence in more than 40 countries around the world.

50) 4Life® has truly helped me achieve my dreams with a fantastic compensation plan and phenomenal marketing tools.

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